ClassMaster Network Management Toolkit


What is ClassMaster?

ClassMaster Is A Curriculum Network Solution thatis Scalable across Primary, Secondary and Higher Education.ClassMaster delivers major benefits in terms of time saving, ease of use and stability to any educational establishment using client / server networks, Supporting the latest Microsoft Server and Workstation operating systems, ClassMaster makes complex network management issues a thing of the past with its intuitive tools and allows administrators of the system to develop future strategies and new methods for IT Delivery rather than focusing on day to day issues

Standard Features

User Management

  • Simple To Use Interface.
  • Multiple user creation Wizard.
  • School Promotion Facility.
  • User Report Facility.

Desktop Management

  • Multiple Desktop Assignment.
  • Drag and Drop Interface.
  • Infinite number of desktops available.
  • Visually Impaired Student Support.

Client Management

  • Full Client Hardware Reporting.
  • Full Network Software Reporting.
  • Licence Monitoring.
  • TASK Scheduling.
  • Schedule Power On/OFF.
  • Schedule Software Install.
  • Schedule Auditing.

Software Deployment

  • Immediate or delayed software installation.
  • Fully MSI Compatible.
  • Un-installation Facility.
  • Software Integration facility.

Printer Management

  • Simple drag and drop interface.
  • Multiple printer allocation.

Workstation Installation

  • Multi OS Support Windows 7 / 8.1 /10.
  • Dynamic Installation.
  • Fully Automated.
  • Automated Software Installation.

Real Time Disk Quotaring

  • Quota Individual users home areas.
  • Real-time Display On Client.
  • Delayed Lockout.

Remote Desktop Services

Support for virtual and thin client integration.

Application Blocking

  • EXE Independent application blocking.
  • STAFF, Pupil or Everyone Customizable.

See how it works

User Management

Classmasters’ user manager provides a simple to use interface for the creation and manipulation of user accounts. With bulk action tools and school promotion facility those end of term tasks can be quickly and easily achieved.  You can even distribute files to each users home directory from the same console. 

Desktop Management

The desktop manager supplies a simple drag and drop interface for the creation and alteration of end users desktops. Assigning more than one desktop to an account allows the end user to choose which desktop they require for their session at logon. 

Station Management

ClassMaster station manager with its’ intuitive drag and drop interface provides full control over your client workstations. From simple printer assignments to full blown automated software installation and even remote desktop control the station manager is both powerful and easy to use.

Client Management

Classmaster provides a secure but familiar interface for your end users with access to shared resources by default. Security within the system means your end users will have the same experience on any workstation and will not be able to make those troublesome changes to settings that you have configured.


What our customers say.

I had used ClassMaster in a previous school I worked for; I must say that the latest version exceeded my visions and expectations of what developments could be made. 

We introduced ClassMaster into St Paul’s and have found the speed of the system to be most impressive in comparison to the system we replaced. The ClassMaster tools provided are advanced and reliable and have certainly made my job as IT Manager far more pleasurable and less onerous.

 ClassMaster is a product which I believe offers superb value for money and should be considered by all educational establishments as an IT solution.

Our school made the decision to upgrade their network system and our senior advisor recommended ClassMaster and their Classmaster management software. Immediately it was clear to me that they were a company I could work with, and the description of Classmaster as being no harder to use than Microsoft office was deeply encouraging for someone as technically inept as myself! Following installation the advantages of the system, both from the point of view of the end user and the background management of issues such as printing, user creation and management, were obvious right from the start. Furthermore, their sales and support staff, have shown a highly positive desire to ensure that Classmaster works perfectly for us. The company operates firmly on the principle of, “The answer is yes; what’s the question?” and after years of wading through the ICT mire with less helpful competitors, this attitude is so refreshing. ClassMaster allows me to focus exclusively on MY job, namely the effective delivery of an ICT-based curriculum.

I have been a teacher for 8 years.  For six of these years, and in two of the schools in which I have taught,  I have also been responsible for ICT. 
Twice now, I have turned to ClassMaster to install and run curriculum networks.  My experience on both occassions has been that they provide excellent service at competitive rates, their staff are not faceless people sitting in a call centre.  Rather, they are firendly, helpful and, most importantly for me, they get the job done!
The ClassMaster system is easy to run, stable and effective, and I would whole heartedly recommend it to colleagues in other schools.

The ClassMaster management tool has dramatically changed my view of how
a network can be used, and best of all it is simple to use!  
ClassMaster has everything we want and the system has made the staff and children very happy.
If you are not a techno whiz but ICT subject leader like me, the ‘behind the scenes’ support is brilliant.   I am able to add a new member of staff or a child
to the network in 30 seconds.   I can vary printing privileges, look at desktops around the school remotely from the server and install simple software.
So if you are looking for an easy to use and management system with friendly and
helpful support, ClassMaster are your people.

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